VisEng offers a range of consultancy services using the latest experimental analysis techniques for both structural analysis and quality assessment. Due to the range of activities undertaken and contacts made over the years a full array of experimental and even analytical projects can be undertaken, from strain gauging to vibration testing, deflection measurements and pressure testing as well as Finite Element Analysis solutions. Contact us to discuss the best solution for your problem.

Structural testing

VisEng has available the very latest full field experimental stress analysis techniques to solve your structural integrity problems. With a vast experience in photoelastic stress analysis, VisEng can quickly apply specialist removable coatings to your components or structures and give you a full field load path and stress concentration map under a full range of loading conditions. Typical photoelastic coating exercises only take from 2 to 3 days and provide a wealth of real, useable stress data. This technique gives you actual values and not predictions!

Most of our work comes from problems associated with failure to carry out early correlation with FEA predictions, so why not be one step ahead and carry out some rapid experimental analysis techniques prior to finalising your designs? Some of our work is equally effective on Rapid Prototype models so even if you haven’t got to the production prototype stage of design we can still help. Early validation of a design can make dramatic savings compared with changing the design late on in the development programme, so let VisEng help you keep your competitive edge.

Typical jobs undertaken:

Glass quality inspection

VisEng has a long-standing track record in solving glass quality problems. Thanks to the latest experimental analysis techniques a full range of glass problems can be investigated. So whether it’s an architectural, automotive or even aerospace glazing problem, VisEng has the ability to provide the solution.

These techniques can work equally well on polymers or acrylics and we do work for OEMs and/or end users.

Typical jobs undertaken: