VisEng was formed in January 2000 and specialises in the development and implementation of rapid experimental testing techniques. Considerable expertise and experience in the field of experimental testing has been built up over a 30-year period from knowledge gained in the marine, aerospace and automotive industries. New and innovative rapid prototyping technologies have also been developed in conjunction with the University of Warwick, further enhancing our capabilities. Using rapid experimental techniques such as modern automated photoelastic stress analysis, customers can save considerable time and money on product development cycles by ensuring early validation of designs.

Suppliers of specialist experimental analysis equipment

VisEng are also European distributors for Stress Photonics experimental analysis equipment, which is used extensively for stress analysis and glass quality control purposes. Latest developments on this front are with near infra-red photoelasticity, which allows the quality inspection of silicon wafers and photovoltaic cells. We also provide specialist products and solutions for all aspects of experimental analysis techniques from simple inspection boroscopes to strain viewers and thermal imaging equipment. See the consultancy and products pages to see how this equipment and these techniques could help your business.